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   Second Amended Plan

This document provides you with the terms and conditions of City Homes’ bankruptcy Plan. If approved by the court, the terms of the Plan will be binding on you, even if you do not have symptoms of an injury or fail to vote. The Plan contains terms for the treatment of all of City Home’s creditors, including claims based on lead-paint exposure that have already been brought or may be brought in the future.

If insurance covers lead-paint claims, the Plan will allow the lead-paint claimant to pursue their claims in court after the Plan is confirmed. If there is no insurance for the claim, the holder of the lead-paint claim also may elect to participate in the uninsured lead-paint claim fund. Participating in the uninsured lead paint claim fund is entirely optional. Any person who elects to participate in this fund will receive a pro rata, or portion, of the share of the fund with other qualifying participants. We don’t know exactly how much the participants of that fund will receive, however the company is proposing to provide the uninsured lead paint claim fund with $300,000 to be shared among participating lead-paint claimants.

If the Plan is approved by the bankruptcy court, this web site will contain the claim form for participating in the lead-paint claim fund.

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