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   Class 5 Individual Lead-Paint Claim Ballot.

If you have a lead-paint claim and want to vote on the plan, you must complete and mail the ballot to be received by voting deadline of December 28, 2015. Send the completed ballot to counsel for City Homes --

Jonathan A. Grasso, Esquire, Cole Schotz P.C.
300 E. Lombard Street, Suite 1450
Baltimore, MD 21202

OR, you can authorize your attorney to file a Master Lead-Paint Claim Ballot form for you.

You must only check [show the box] the box to ACCEPT the Plan, or the box to REJECT the plan next to each company you may have a lead paint claim against. Do not check the box for any company unless you believe that your claim is against that specific company. You can check more than one box if you believe you have claims against more than one company.

Original ballots must be returned. Copies, faxes and e-mails of the ballot will not be accepted.

If the ballot is not received by the voting deadline of December 28, 2015, it also will not be accepted.

Download Class 5 Individual Lead-Paint Claim Ballot

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